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Orthopaedic elbow surgery in Naperville

Naperville Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Zahab S. Ahsan specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Elbow conditions and injuries. Elbow problems can be activity limiting and affect your quality of life. Dr. Ahsan offers state-of-the-art and comprehensive sports medicine care for patients of all ages and activity levels with elbow pain and injuries. Ranging common elbow injuries such as distal biceps tendon rupture to complex reconstructive surgery of the ulnar collateral ligament (Tommy John Procedure), Dr. Ahsan can help.

An overview on elbow anatomy

The human elbow is comprised of many structures that allows the joint to perform many intricate movements and athletic maneuvers. Elbow structures can become injured from sporting movements, overuse, or traumatic incident.

The elbow joint works with the shoulder and wrist to provide versatility and structure to the arm. It allows movement for flexion and extension of the forearm, as well as rotating and twisting of the lower arm.

Three bones connect to form the elbow joint:

  • Humerus (Arm bone)
  • Radius (Forearm Bone)
  • Ulna (Forearm Bone)

The elbow joint is lined with articular cartilage, a smooth surface that eliminates friction and allows the bones to glide smoothly with motion.

The elbow ligaments play an important role in holding the joints together and preventing elbow injuries, leading to elbow pain.

The elbow ligaments include:

  • Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL): The main stabilizer located on the inner side of the joint
  • Radial collateral ligament: The ligament responsible for extension of the joint located on the outer side of the joint
  • Annular ligament: The ligament stabilizes the radius with the ulna

The triceps and biceps muscles are responsible for bending and straightening the arm at the elbow joint. The ulnar nerve is a major nerve that traverses the elbow joint and provides sensation to the small and ring fingers as well and strength to the fingers of the hand.

Common elbow injuries

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • UCL Tear
  • Biceps/Triceps Tendon Rupture

Many of the common elbow injuries can be treated by a non-surgical approach. If surgery is needed, Dr. Ahsan will determine the most minimally invasive surgical technique to alleviate pain, improve elbow stability and return the anatomy of the elbow to its proper condition.

If you would like more information on elbow anatomy and common injuries, contact Dr. Zahab Ahsan, orthopaedic elbow specialist in Naperville, IL.

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